A few words about us


The Fairmark Realty Team is committed to changing the way real estate is bought, sold and leased every single day..

It’s a common theme for real estate companies and teams to say that they are different.  However, few can truly answer the question of how they are different. The Fairmark Realty team defines our service in terms beyond the usual industry catchphrases like, “We Truly Care” and “We provide the best service”.  It’s not that those things aren’t true within our team.  But we go further.

Every client that our team serves has a unique need.  It’s not that they just have a home to buy or a property to lease.  They do these things because they have a growing family, or need to create more income from a home that they own.  Understanding our client’s unique needs is how we provide true value.  We are not a team of real estate agents.  We are a team of problem solvers.

Once the unique need is discovered, we address that need as a project, with tasks, goals, timelines and a budget.  We measure our performance every step of the way.  The end result is that our clients get consistent, world class service again and again, and have a real estate experience that is stress free and addresses all of their needs.  That is how we are different.


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